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      "No, of course not."Ditch and the Colonel pulled them apart.

      He knew that Alice wanted him, and he knew that he wanted Alice. He did not know why he wanted Alice any more than he knew why Alice wanted him. "Wot is she?a liddle stick of a creature. And I like big women."

      "Aye, Master," said another, "he is laid up but I fear he has forgot the shrieving. However, he will never again say guilty or not guilty in a jury-box, or kiss the book in justification of bail!"

      TO: Fred Ramsbotham"Order from his grace," repeated Calverley, sarcastically: "Do you not know, my good friend, that your master is in disgrace with mine, and that the eloquent William of Wykeham will, ere many days pass, be high chancellor of England. Come, come, give me the writ, and don't lose time. I must not stir from my saddle this night, unless to change horses, till I reach Westminster."

      "Wot about?"

      The Manor of Seth in the Sussex countrie,


      "Soles, plaice, and dabs,


      "It's from Rose," said Caro timidly.